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How Minds Change

How Minds Change

This month's guest is an internationally award-winning advertising creative director with an illustrious career history in advertising and marketing. Having been featured on various international platforms such as TED Talks and ABC Radio, Jesse Richardson's creative and philosophical background guarantees a night of stimulating discussion.

Jesse Richardson, founder of School of Thought International, based in Brisbane, is out to change how the world thinks, seriously. His mission is highly complementary with TBD’s, which we could say is to change how a small part of the world talks, but is vastly more ambitious.

He has already had a global impact with 30m+ downloads of critical thinking posters and cards but is now setting his sights higher, in conjunction with partners including the UQ Critical Thinking Project, using gamification to get through to a lot more people. 

His most recent project is launched by Stephen Fry a few months ago, which could be a creed for TBD.  Jesse will explain the bigger plans in the pipeline on the night.

Intertwined with his illustrious career as a creative marketing director, Jesse has studied and thought deeply about human cognition and psychology and is in the process of applying cutting-edge knowledge about how people change their minds, in effect to the same problems TBD is - polarisation and toxic discourse - but at a deeper level.

He is now working closely with an American colleague David McRaney, author of a best-selling book You Are Not So Smart and a new one: How Minds Change, the subject of our discussion this time.

Jesse has spoken on various media platforms such as TED Talks and ABC Radio and we are very fortunate to have him at our modest salon.Richardson's creative and philosophical background guarantees a night of stimulating discussion. So, join us for a night of civil conversation regarding how our minds can change in the face of critical and creative thinking. Guided by an expert with years of research invested in both digital advertising and metacognition, attendees are guaranteed an FTC like no other.

Learn more about him and his works at:

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