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Schools Resources.

Practical, promotional, educational, and inspirational - links and downloads to build dialogue skills and run events.

listening, thinking, speaking, moderating 

how to run dialogue events 

quotations, motivation

dialogue generally

getting the message out

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Short Courses

Braver Angels

40-minute online course creating awareness of your own attitudes and biases as they affect how you conduct difficult conversations and teaching techniques for participation without negativity. Designed for American adults but accessible for older students.

Families and Politics Workshop

Braver Angels
40-minute online course teaching why family differences are especially difficult, the typical roles played and how to engage constructively. As above - accessible for older students.

How to Conduct Difficult Conversations

Critical Agendas
Occasional 4.5-hour online professional development course for Australian teachers, more about conversations in the workplace rather than issues-based discussions, but skills taught are relevant.

[have no idea if this is any good, or whether there are other better ones, but it can't be all bad and will be of interest to some teachers]



Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay, Lifelong Books 2019

Guide to Difficult Dialogues

Vanderbilt University
Designed for tertiary teachers but relevant

Handbook for Facilitating Difficult Conversations in Classroom

City University NY

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Event Guides

How To Run A Dialogues Club

(2 pages plus 2 pages of principles and quotes) 

How to Run A School Dialogue

(17 pages)


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for participating in Dialogues @ School

Detailed Benefits to Individual Students

of participating in Dialogues @ School

Favourite Quotes on Dialogue for Students



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(Debate, Dialogue, Discourse, and Diatribe)

David W Angel

The Principle of Charity 

The Ethics Centre 

A detailed introduction to one of our key tools - The Principle of Charity

Rapoport’s Rules

Rational Wiki

Another set of tools we use - Rapaport’s Rules - introduced by Rational Wiki, a highly accessible source of rationality content

(Debate, Dialogue, Discourse, and Diatribe) Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

A practical guide for teachers managing challenging discussions in the classroom

Lesson plans for teaching dialogue in Primary schools

The Faith & Belief Forum

Simple lesson plans for introducing dialogue to younger grades

Guide and resources for classroom dialogues

Rational Wiki

Conflict Resolution Education

Thorough guide and resources for cultivating respectful dialogic culture in even the most challenging classrooms

Promotion & Presentation

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The Brisbane Dialogues Digital Logo Pack

RGB Colour - for Digital purposes 


Dialogues @ School
Logo Pack

CMYK and RGB colour - Black and White


The Brisbane Dialogues Print Logo Pack

CMYK Colour - for Printing 

A4 Flyer

A3 Flyer

Social Artwork


The Brisbane Dialogues Digital Logo Pack

RGB Colour - for Digital purposes 

Document Templates

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Presentation Template

14 Slides including Speaker introductions

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