Why Volunteer?

Here's how you can make a difference.

 - support the cause, as democracy fundamentally depends on civil discourse

 - help build a neutral public forum for big ideas and issues

 - work and network with good people and organisations who share the mission

 - apply and develop highly-transferrable skills 

 - great work experience for younger people

 - great work substitute for older people

 - enjoy and benefit from better discussions!

We place great emphasis on making it easy and productive for anyone to contribute according to their skills and availability, no matter how limited, and always welcome offers to volunteer. 

Available Positions.

Management team

IT manager

Membership manager

Ticketing manager

Sponsorship manager

Event manager

Development team

Web developer

Videographer/AV editor

Marketing communications specialist

Researchers and writers

Development team



Active social media users to spread the word


On-the-day helpers for check-in, ushering, chaperoning, hospitality

For offers and inquiries, contact