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Our story.

TBD was founded in Brisbane in late 2019 by a group of friends concerned about the deterioration of public (and private) discussion. We also saw a need and opportunity to establish a truly independent public forum for discussion of big ideas and issues.


We are a wholly independent, neutral, intergenerational, all-volunteer, not-for-profit project to foster better discussions about big ideas and issues. We are determinedly non-partisan and non-aligned and aspire to being non-parochial and inclusive.

Our mission is to demonstrate what better discussions look like, and help others turn one-way talks and one-sided panels into genuine dialogues.


Our flagship is the Big Dialogues series of public events: long-form, moderated dialogues between widely differing experts, on complex issues, with high production values, in a congenial environment to encourage guest involvement.

We also:

Collaborate with diverse organisations on other public formats

Conduct private events, including the First Tuesday Club series for active volunteers and supporters

Publish Queensland Talks, an aggregated calendar of better discussion events

As an organisation, TBD consists entirely of a growing band of part-time volunteers who share the belief that civil discourse is essential to democracy and a healthy society. Many others provide valuable moral, marketing, networking, financial, on-the-day, partnership or other support.

Operations are overseen by a management committee representing the members of the not-for-profit association, The Brisbane Dialogues Inc.

President - Simon Bowler

Vice-president - Murray Hancock

Treasurer - Jackie Poetzscher

Secretary - Jackie Poetzscher

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