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Start a Dialogues Club.

All you need is three curious people and a quiet space.

Or it could be a major extracurricular activity.

Or anything in between.


Dialogues @ School

widening of personal, social and intellectual horizons.

confidence to think and speak independently, questioning polarised or orthodox views

extra public speaking opportunities for non-debaters (and debaters)

feeling of “having a voice” individually and collectively

sense of maturation and progress into adulthood in a healthy democratic community context

complement and extension of critical thinking classes and activities

complement and alternative to debating

solutions-orientation of dialogues is an antidote to teenage gloom, doom, and alienation

civic consciousness and development - all-round preparation to become good citizens

extra leadership, collaboration and organisational opportunities

Setting up a Dialogues Club at your school is this simple.



Enthusiastic students to continue meaningful discussions



A congenial space appropriate for the number of participants



Supportive teacher to organise or help students to self-organise

To find out more, read our Dialogues Club guide, or access or pre-made resources

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"If children just left school realising that once they’ve thrown an insult, they’ve lost, they’re not going to convince the other person, they’ve withdrawn themselves from the argument, then the world would be an infinitely better place, wouldn’t it?!"
- Andrew Doyle

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