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Shane Satterley


Shane Satterley

Shane Satterley


Shane Satterley is a PhD Candidate at Griffith Business School in the Department of Government and International Relations. With an impressive academic background, Shane holds a Bachelor of Security, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism from Murdoch University, a Master of Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism from Macquarie University, and a Master of Arts (Research) from Griffith University. His Master's research focused on evaluating selected counter-radicalisation and deradicalisation programs in both Western and Muslim-majority countries.

Shane has been named an investigator on various high-profile research projects, both domestically and internationally. Notably, he has worked with the Department of Premier and Cabinet on Social Cohesion and Countering Violent Extremism, and the United Nations Office in Geneva, where he served on the Joint Inspection Unit's project titled "Review of Safety and Security of UN Personnel and Premises Worldwide."

In addition to his research, Shane lectures on topics related to radicalisation and counter-radicalisation and continues to consult with government agencies, including the Queensland Police and the Australian Federal Police. His current PhD research explores the connection between education and Islamist radicalisation in Australia.

Shane is a regular contributor to the national discussion on radicalisation and extremism in Australia, frequently appearing on various programs and publishing media articles. His insights and expertise make him a valuable voice in the ongoing efforts to understand and counter all forms of religious and political extremism.

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