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Public Broadcasting in the 2020's

Public Broadcasting in the 2020's

Steve Austin, host of ABC Brisbane's afternoon Drive show, has been called a real-time, one-man think tank. He skilfully demonstrates civil discourse on a huge range of subjects day by day and has been very supportive of The Brisbane Dialogues by interviewing many Big Dialogue speakers. 

Steve is a vital part of the public square in Australia, not just Brisbane, and we are very fortunate to be able to host him in our private discussion series.

See bio's below.

Of course Steve is a very experienced radio and TV journalist and it will be fascinating to hear and discuss his views on various aspects of "Public Broadcasting in the 2020's" arising from his inquiring mind and all that experience. 

As always, the discussion will be private and informal, with no recording, to facilitate the exchange of usual wide range of views and perspectives at First Tuesdays. On this occasion, we will explicitly invoke the Chatham House Rule, which, paraphrased, is: participants may talk about what was talked about after the event, but not say who said what.

Steve's ABC Bio: 

"With a thirst for knowledge, a healthy interest in philosophy, history, contemporary Australia, politics and motorbikes, there’s plenty of topics for Steve to talk and argue about.

Truth and trust are the values most important to Steve and he leaves no stone unturned to get to the bottom of an issue important to the people of his city.Steve left high school with a notation on his report card: "Steve has a problem with authority", which is why he’s great at asking the hard questions of politicians, community leaders and those in positions of power on ABC Brisbane Drive.

Steve has had a varied career at the ABC from researcher for 7.30 Report to producing Stateline, as well as ABC Radio news and presenting the Queensland Statewide Evenings radio program.Steve’s love of Brisbane and passion for fighting the good fight ensures lively and informative conversation every evening on ABC Brisbane Drive."

From LinkedIn Profile:

  • Talks for a living, listens for survival

  • Experience dealing with public issues in a range of media settings i.e. “Television, Talkback radio”

  • & public speaking

  • Engaged in debating major public issues

  • Ability to handle complicated legal issues and public interest matters concurrently

  • Broad contacts & professional associations in a range of industries and professions

  • Unique radio experience

  • Experience in examining legislation and making recommendations in relation to broadcasting

  • A voracious reader seeking to become a prolific writer

What: Steve Austin on Public Broadcasting in the 2020's

When: 6.30pm for 7-8pm on Tue 7 Jun

NB An hour later than usual as Steve is coming straight from the Drive show

Where: Usual congenial inner south location, details to ticket holders

Cost: Pay forward or what you can afford.

Light food and drinks provided

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