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Nuclear Power's Role in Decarbonisation

Nuclear Power's Role in Decarbonisation

Rob stands as a luminary figure in the field of civil engineering, bearing the esteemed title of founder of "Nuclear for Climate Australia." With a rich tapestry of experience, he not only served as the past President of the Australian Nuclear Association but also held a distinguished tenure as a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia. His expertise spans continents, having contributed to a multitude of large-scale civil engineering projects across the globe. Armed with a Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering from the prestigious Australian National University (ANU), Rob is at the forefront of advocating for nuclear power as a pivotal technology in our journey towards achieving net zero emissions.

His commitment to fostering understanding and discourse on the subject is evident through his meticulously curated platform, the Nuclear for Climate Australia website. Here, he articulates the indispensable role of nuclear power in our transition to a sustainable future.

Residing amidst the serene landscapes of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Rob's dedication knows no bounds. Despite the geographical distance, he is compelled by the profound significance of The Brisbane Dialogues' mission, prompting him to undertake the journey at his own expense to address the esteemed First Tuesday Club.

Whether you find yourself aligned with Rob's vision, vehemently opposed, or somewhere in between, the evening promises to be one of enlightening dialogue and spirited debate. Let us come together in our customary spirit of open-mindedness to engage with Rob's arguments, enriching our understanding of this technology and its implications for our collective future.

Rob Parker is a civil engineer and founder of "Nuclear for Climate Australia", which explains why nuclear power is a critical technology if we are to get to net zero. As a past President of the Australian Nuclear Association and ex member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Rob has had extensive experience in large civil engineering projects all over the world.

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