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A Discussion on "The Voice"

A Discussion on "The Voice"

This is going to be a different First Tuesday - a small-scale trial run for the planned Big Dialogue early next year on an aspect of the Uluru Statement, rather than the usual format of a guest speaker on a topic of their choice leading into Q&A and general discussion.

Having said that, it will not be completely different - our guest this time, Dominic McGann, is an expert in relevant indigenous-related subjects. Everyone who wants to say something will have the opportunity.

There will hopefully be the usual wide range of perspectives around the table. But rather than speaking at length or advocating a position, Dominic will set the scene and facilitate the discussion.

So come with your present preconceptions, perceptions and opinions but be prepared more than ever to listen and be open to other views and to reflect on your own.

If we can't have a "different and better discussion" at First Tuesday, it will not bode well for the national one - or for a Big Dialogue! But we're confident it will be another enjoyable, enlightening First Tuesday.Dominic is the best person one could think of to help us do it. His profile for his day job as a partner of Brisbane-based national law firm, McCullough Robertson reads:

Dominic is a resources expert with more than 30 years of experience as a general commercial lawyer. An element of his practice is native title and cultural heritage matters, on which Dominic is an acknowledged authority.

He joined McCullough Robertson in 1996 after holding prominent positions with the Queensland Government for seven years and is one of a few lawyers in Queensland with a combination of significant senior government as well as private practice experience.

His positions with the Queensland Government included Program Director of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Land Interests Program with the then Department of Lands.

When it comes to native title and cultural heritage, he is across all aspects of this area of law. As well as advising resource and infrastructure companies, he advises local Aboriginal Shire Councils, particularly around social infrastructure issues in the communities, which are generally in remote parts of Australia. He participates in the Yarning Up initiative, which is helping to close the gap for the remote Indigenous community of Lockhart River by identifying a number of potential business opportunities designed to generate jobs and income.

Dominic is also a qualified Mediator and specialises in native title, cultural heritage and landholder issues.

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