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Margaret Cook


Margaret Cook

Margaret Cook


Dr. Margaret Cook is a prominent historian based in Brisbane, specializing in environmental history with a particular focus on flood histories and the human-nature relationship. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, where her research provided in-depth analyses of flood impacts on society. Dr. Cook's scholarly work includes extensive publications on the environmental history of Queensland, exploring how natural disasters have shaped the region's development and policies.

Throughout her career, Dr. Cook has been actively involved in both academic and public history projects. She has worked on numerous exhibitions, community history projects, and consultancies, often collaborating with government agencies and non-profit organizations to promote historical awareness and disaster preparedness.

One of her notable works is the book "A River with a City Problem: A History of Brisbane Floods," which examines the historical context and recurring nature of Brisbane's flood events, offering insights into urban planning and flood management. This book has been well-received for its thorough research and engaging narrative, making a significant contribution to understanding the complexities of environmental history in urban settings.

Dr. Cook's expertise extends beyond academia; she is a sought-after speaker and media commentator on topics related to environmental history and disaster management. Her contributions to the field have earned her recognition as a leading historian in Australia, committed to bridging the gap between historical research and contemporary environmental challenges.

For more information and a comprehensive list of her publications, visit Margaret Cook's Griffith University profile.

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