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John Quiggin

John Quiggin

Australian democratic socialist economist


John Quiggin is a VC Senior Fellow in Economics at the University of Queensland. He is prominent both as a research economist and as a commentator on Australian economic policy. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and many other learned societies and institutions. He has produced over 1500 publications, including six books and over 200 refereed journal articles, in fields including decision theory, environmental economics, production economics, and the theory of economic growth. He has also written on policy topics including climate change, micro-economic reform, privatisation, employment policy and the management of the Murray-Darling river system. His latest book, Economics in Two Lessons: Why Markets Work so Well and Why they can Fail so Badly, was released in 2019 by Princeton University Press.


Professor Quiggin has many publications and columns published that are available on various platforms including:

He also maintains an online forum on "commentary on Australian and World Events from a Socialist and Democratic viewpoint".


Relevant Works:

The Economic Consequences of The Pandemic

Apr 2023 - Yale University Press (not yet published)

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Economics in two lessons: why markets work so well, and why they can fail so badly

2019 - Princeton University Press

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