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David Fagan

David Fagan

Author and Communications Professional


Organisations face three big issues – how to rebuild trust, how to respond to digital disruption and how to communicate. I have a professional life that is a rare blend of all three, firstly as a newspaper editor, then as a higher education executive and company director and now as the lead adviser on media for one of Australia's largest superannuation funds. I have joined the QSuper team after 18 months of consulting to it. My last two books, Has The Luck Run Out, and Wake Up - The Nine H#shtags of Digital Disruption have accurately forecast many of the trends we now see across life, particularly the displacement of trust through technology. I am an adjunct professor of business at QUT, a director of Carers Queensland, and the Royal National Association which runs one of Brisbane's biggest entertainment complexes and its annual show (the Ekka). I also chair the Local Government Association of Queensland's Data Ethics Panel and sit on the adjudication panel of the Australian Press Council.