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Charles Gilks


Charles Gilks

Charles Gilks


The Speaker.

Professor Charles Gilks

Professor Charles Gilks is a distinguished academic with a career spanning over four decades, primarily focused on global health, HIV/AIDS research, and public health policy. He currently holds a prominent position at the University of Queensland, where he serves as the Director of the UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health.

Prof. Gilks earned his medical degree from the University of Oxford and completed his postgraduate training in internal medicine in the United Kingdom. His early career was marked by significant contributions to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, particularly in resource-limited settings. He has been involved in numerous international health initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS. His work has been instrumental in shaping global policies on antiretroviral therapy and HIV care.

In addition to his research and policy work, Prof. Gilks is a dedicated educator, mentoring the next generation of public health professionals. His extensive publication record includes influential papers on HIV treatment guidelines, health systems strengthening, and the intersection of infectious diseases and public health.

Prof. Gilks is recognized for his commitment to improving health outcomes for marginalized communities, particularly Indigenous populations in Australia. His leadership at the UQ Poche Centre underscores his dedication to addressing health disparities through research, education, and community engagement.

Throughout his career, Prof. Charles Gilks has been honored with various awards and accolades, reflecting his significant impact on global health and his unwavering dedication to public health equity.

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