Who is behind The Brisbane Dialogues?

As an organisation, TBD consists entirely of a small but growing band of part time volunteers who believe that civil discourse is essential for a healthy society and want to help preserve and promote it. Active volunteers include:

Heading 1

Louis Altena, student

Simon Bowler, respiratory physician

Fred D'Agostino, emeritus humanities professor

Tyson Etri, student

Murray Hancock, retired businessman

Lorraine Hildebrand, process engineer

Natalie Kennedy, English teacher

Jackie Poetzscher, accountant

Elizabeth Simard, film producer

There are many others who provide valuable moral, marketing, networking, financial, on-the-day event or other support. 

Facilitating civil discussion about big ideas and issues.

"He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that." J.S. Mill