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The Things People Say About Us

"The Brisbane Dialogues is what Q&A should be!"

"I was so impressed by the quality of the discussion, and really appreciate what this forum is aiming to achieve in terms of facilitating and encouraging civil, well-rounded discussion on topics of great importance."

"I wanted to let you know what an incredible talk that was last night. I could not imagine a better panel to represent the range of perspectives on the issue... Sitting there I learned a great deal about Australia-China relations (and misunderstandings)......I am impressed with what you’ve already built with an entirely volunteer organisation; I think the momentum is there for 2021."

"Thank you for putting our city front and centre in fostering productive and meaningful conversations about the issues facing our nation and beyond."

"Couldn't have been better." (Big Dialogue on Universal Basic Income)

"Absolutely fantastic evening! I learnt a lot and took away six key points... good, informed speakers ... it's a great format, not too long." (Big Dialogue on China-Australia)

"Just a quick note to express my views on the last BD event – UBI. The event was an overwhelming success for the following reasons:

1    Great venue. The table set up and the ability to enable social distancing was great. The option to have drink and food was most welcome – the tables gave it a better “vibe” more of an evening out than a lecture. It was a “goldilocks” venue – not too big or too small rather just right.


2    MC.  Was articulate, across the topic, clearly spoken and an indigenous woman – all boxes ticked. Event was very good length.


3    Moderator. Was across the topic and the speakers’ approach. Participated as and when needed. Gave an appropriate plug for “InQueensland”. Had a pleasant, disarming style.


4    Speakers. Great to have divergent views and sought common ground. Communicated in language appropriate to a diverse audience. Video contribution was welcomed and appropriate for that medium.


5    Audience. Respectful and attentive. Apparently diverse age and background. Very good to see more younger people at the second event – perhaps social media penetrated that market.


In summary looking forward to the next event!"

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