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Discussion Guidelines

Rules, codes or protocols to facilitate public discussion or debate are scarce, but there are many which apply to particular institutional or private contexts, e.g. in universities, seminars, workshops, business meetings and so on.

This short post on Ground Rules for a Successful Town Hall Style Meeting comes close. Rapoport's rules via Daniel Dennett set out an ideal, if not practical code for public discussion. NYU guidelines for respectful philosophical discussion are relevant but again not a practical for present purposes.

Civil Discourse Organisations
Ask Big Questions

Braver Angels (formerly Better Angels)

Impossible Conversations

Listen First Coalition

More in Common

National Conversation Project

National Institute for Civil Discourse

Socrates Cafe

Street Epistemology

Think Tanks 

(based in or with activities in Brisbane)


The Australian Institute for Progress AIP - a member- and donor-funded think tank based on classical liberal principles, with generally centre right policy positions

TJ Ryan Foundation - progressive think tank focusing on Queensland public policy

Australian Institute for International Affairs AIIA (Qld)

The Centre for Independent Studies CIS - Sydney-based centre-right think tank which conducts some events in Brisbane

Committee for Economic Development of Australia CEDA – is an independent, corporate and institutional membership-based think tank which conducts some events in Brisbane

The McKell Institute Queensland - progressive think tank conducting mostly boardroom discussions and briefings for policy makers, union and corporate executives

Academies and Professional Organisations

Queensland Academy for Arts and Sciences

Economics Society of Australia (QLD) Inc.

Royal Society of Queensland

Public Discussion Forums

The Ethics Centre, Sydney, has conducted quarterly Oxford-style adversarial debates co-branded with Intelligence Squared and numerous smaller events.

The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne

Institute for Arts and Ideas, London - biannual festivals of discussion and music, now online

Intelligence Squared, London, Oxford-style debates and now a variety of online formats

Intelligence Squared US, New York - Oxford-style debates, diversifying into various online formats

Soho Forum, New York - one-on-one debates between libertarians

The Munk Debates, Toronto - Oxford-style debates, diversifying into various online formats