China-Australia Relationship

The Tivoli, 16 Nov 2020

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TBD Brief #3 - Trade

TBD Brief #4 - Security

Pilot, Internal Small Format Event

The Tivoli, 10 Aug 2020

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Could Universal Basic Income Work In Australia?

The Tivoli, 20 Jul 2020

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TBD Brief #1 - UBI Pros and Cons

TBD Brief #2 - Australian Welfare System

Simon Cowan interview, ABC Radio Brisbane Drive

Greg Marston interview, ABC Radio Brisbane Drive

Bob MadDonald article, InQueensland

Older UBI debates

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Postmodernism Is A Right Wing Philosophy.

Customs House, 9 Mar 2020

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John Quiggin blog post 

Stephen Hicks interview, ABC Radio Brisbane Drive

Murray Hancock interview, ABC Radio Brisbane Drive

Christine Jackman article, InQueensland

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The Brisbane Dialogues - better discussions

"He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that." J.S. Mill