How Does TBD Stimulate Civil Discourse on Big Issues?

We aim to support events run by other organisations which add to or enhance public discourse in the Brisbane area by bringing together speakers of opposed or contrasting views in a civil atmosphere. We want to turn many one-way or one-sided events into genuine, respectful dialogues. 

That support might be in the form of introducing facilitators, chairpersons or contrasting speakers, arranging for donation of venues and event services, helping secure sponsors, promoting events directly and through media and other partners, and selectively underwriting ticket sales. In short, we aim to use our local networks to make things happen to advance our mission.

We plan to conduct one or two marquee events each year in our own name, to build awareness and keep us in touch with what makes for successful events, so we can support event partners better.

TBD operates as a "virtual volunteer organisation" comprised of all volunteers contributing a wide range of skills and contacts. Next to nil overheads means that we can devote financial resources directly to our core function and hopefully that we will be doing it for a long time to come.

We are determined to be wholly independent, non-partisan, non-aligned and not-for-profit, and aspire to be intergenerational and inclusive.