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Could AI improve education for all?

Welcome to
Dialogues @ School 2023

Could AI improve education for all?

There is much to be discussed! See below for a sample of relevant questions or issues. A more detailed brief will be provided to participating schools to set the scene for the dialogues and start students researching and thinking about the issues raised by AI for education in the wider social context. 


How will, or could, AI:

  • change the way we teach and learn?

  • affect the role of teachers and teacher-student relationships?

  • help students learn more effectively?

  • make education more accessible and affordable?​

  • improve - or worsen - equity and inclusion in education?

  • change the nature and purpose of education, for better or worse?


The overarching purpose of the topic is to stimulate students to think more widely and deeply together about AI and hopefully come to some agreement about what needs to be done individually and collectively to ensure net benefits, especially to those at risk of losing out.

Inaugural Participants (2022)


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Need help?

Our (small but mighty!) marketing team has creative an array of host resources to allow you to host your own Dialogue @ School, all themed with 2023's topic: Could AI be a force for good in education?

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